Tips to Protect Your Valuable Data

Take a look at the list below, are you covered? If not, give us a call at Net360 Technologies!

  1. Backup your data onsite, backup your data offsite (Cloud Backup)
  2. Consult with computer professionals (Net360 Technologies!) to come up with a comprehensive backup strategy that fits you and your budget
  3. Backup and verify your data before doing a system upgrade
  4. Invest in a quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your computer equipment to protect against power spikes, blackouts and other power issues. (Net360 Technologies can assist with selecting a quality UPS)
  5. Turn off external storage devices after shutting down your computer to avoid possible directory corruption
  6. Utilize a quality antivirus software. (Contact Net360 Technologies for our managed antivirus solutions at the same price you are already paying)
  7. Mechanical Drives – do not move your external mechanical drive or computer with a mechanical drive while it is powered on. Mechanical damage could occur resulting a data loss.
  8. Provide enough space around your computer to allow for air circulation and cooling.
  9. If your computer was in a very cold environment (outside in car, etc) allow it to warm up to room temperature before operating.
  10. If you hear unusual noises coming from your computer or hard drive, turn it off immediately and call Net360 Technologies at 585-223-8324.

When it comes to data recovery, the first attempt at recovering data is the best. Each successive attempt after that may cause additional hard drive failure decreasing the odds of getting a full recovery. Net360 has the equipment necessary to get your data recovered the first time. If we diagnose mechanical failure with your hard drive we will advise you of the cost to get it repaired and the data recovered. We are a the one stop shop to get your data recovered!

If you have any questions regarding data backups, data recovery, disaster recovery for your business or business continuity for your business, give us a call at 585-223-8324.



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